Sitskiing is a sport that requires the use of specialized equipment. The most important piece of equipment for sitskiing is the sit-ski itself. This is a chair-like device that allows the skier to sit upright while skiing. Other important pieces of equipment include outriggers, gloves, clothing and ofcourse the skis.


A sitski consists of a seat that is mounted on a frame with a shock. To be fast you need to be one with the sitski. That is why this summer we developed custom seating. Besides that, you also rely on the shock. This needs to be tuned for the correct damping and rebound. 
The next improvement involves aerodynamics. Like all custom parts, that doesn't come cheap, but will help immensely with speed. 


The main difference between the skis used in each event is the length of the ski. Downhill skis are the longest, while slalom skis are the shortest. This is because downhill skis need to be stable at high speeds with a big turning radius, while slalom skis need to be agile for quick turns.

Ski preparation

Before a race, you need to make sure your skis are in peak condition. This means sharpening the edges and waxing the skis. Sharp edges help the skier grip the snow and make turns more easily. Waxing the skis helps them glide faster and prevents them from getting slowed down by the snow.