As an athlete, I need sponsoring because it allows me to have the time to focus on my sport and improve my performance. Having sponsors also gives me access to better equipment and facilities, which can help me to reach my full potential.

What do i need?

My overall cost for one season is around the €20,000.00 - €25,000.00 mark, which is very difficult to achieve myself every year. The cost of trainers, parts, travel and accommodation all adds up! Unfortunately it’s come to a point where my family and I are no longer able to reach this ourselves and we would be grateful for any small donation that you can spare.

How to sponsor me

You can sponsor me in different ways:

- Materials, contact me with your proposal.

- Direct bank transfer, contact me for my information.

- Cryptocurrency, make sure to contact me when you have sent something!

BTC: bc1qqun2g75xzvcpkfh6g65p0dnfxtmxt62ryuzzre

SCRT: secret1a83a2tswtwu0n7e0a3kur4jmch92000gt6sx5r

Jackal RNS (for other cosmos chains): Paralympics.rns


ETH/BNB (stables): 0xb5B70926E6A2CD2a19DdDc44d789ecb3F21BB4DD

What do you get in return?

There are benefits to sponsoring me. Benefits include:

  • Regular updates through for example emails
  • Brand exposure, your logo/name gets added to the website
  • Your logo can also be added to clothing or the sitski
  • Things like presentations about my journey are also possible

Contact me if you have other ideas on how I can return the favor!


                            You can contact me for questions with this form. 
                            Or direct message me on my social media. 


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